Increasing Company’s Market Capitalization


PT Danamas Citra Indocapital is a management consultancy company specializing in enhancing corporate value growth through management development and financial supervision, as well as improving capital structure. Our goal is to increase the value of the companies we handle so they can grow on a national scale to have appropriate market capital value for an IPO.


To be a local management consultancy firm who known to have a reliable and  superior performance in improving the value of our clients


  • Helping local companies to achieve a substantial business growth so that they are able to have not just a national, but also a global-scale of success.
  • Enhancing company value through innovative, creative, consistent, and results- oriented efforts by applying prudent management principles.
  • Becoming a profitable partner for stakeholders.
  • Developing our client’s company by building human resources that are professional, well-educated, and have high levels of integrity.


” We transform trust into growing and sustainable added value “

Trust is the main philosophy that drives PT Danamas. We strive to build this trust with our clients by working professionally, transparently, with integrity and also with honesty. Moreover, the trust that is given to us by our clients’ stakeholders will always be transformed in the form of increased value in their companies.